Lies unravel and loyalties change when the chosen one dies.

Join a misfit band of heroes and villains in a story of court intrigue, meddling Gods, and unforeseen romance.

Discover the Kingdoms of Carinn, where Rifters wield powerful Magic and Mock Dragons soar in the skies. Travel with a pair of fugitives across the rain-soaked lands of Lirin all the way to the sands of the Mondaer desert. Explore the lush tropics of an island no map shows, and decide for yourself what is truth, and what is a lie.

In a world without salt, a corporation controls every grain.

When a crazy Precognizant handed Iolani Saba the coordinates to a stretch of ocean just off the Salt Spire, she should have thrown them overboard. Going there is a horrible idea. Iolani, though, is a pro at making bad decisions.

A not-so-chance encounter with escaped salt slave Adavera launches them on a path to forsake all that they know and dare to take on the cruel Corporation.