NACL Series

NaCl - Salt

Life cannot survive without it.

In a world where every ounce of salt is controlled by the Crystal Corporation, if you want to survive, you can either obey or you can fight. Sometimes, the choice isn’t yours to make.

When a crazy Precognizant handed Iolani Saba the coordinates to a stretch of ocean just off the Salt Spire, she should have thrown them overboard. Going there is a horrible idea. Iolani, though, is a pro at making bad decisions.

A not-so-chance encounter with escaped salt slave Adavera launches them on a path to forsake all that they know and dare to take on the cruel Corporation. With the help of old friends, new friends, and people they are pretty sure might be enemies, Adavera and Iolani travel outside the protective reef that keeps the worst of the Storms off the Islands and venture into a world of piracy, astonishing powers, and unexpected love.

The odds may be against them, but with a little planning and a lot of brass, this team of misfits intends to do the impossible. They have very little in common, except for two things: They all want to blow the Crystal Corporation into oblivion... And are willing to sacrifice anything to see it done.